July 2015 Recap

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If you found yourself on the Outer Banks this summer, it was obvious to see that the popularity of the area continues to grow.  Summer is now starting to wind down.  We always look forward to the cooler temperatures of September and a slightly more laid back atmosphere that it brings.
You might have heard rumors about the proposed expansion of highway 158 from Kitty Hawk to Whalebone Junction.  There has been talk about potentially widening Highway 158 to a 6 lane highway and adding raised medians and sidewalks.  Because it would be a drastic change and may not be the solution we need, any large-scale projects are at least a decade away.  NCDOT reported that a project of this nature scored very low on the priority list.
Meanwhile, the town of Southern Shores is putting a task force in place to attempt to find a solution to the traffic problems facing the Dogwood Trail corridor during the summer.  The task force will be made up of 11 unbiased members.  The goal is to simply determine the best way to make the roads safer for everyone.  The mayor and the town council are not involved in proposing solutions and have essentially divorced themselves from the issues.  Dogwood Trail will be closing in October to allow for construction of the Fairway Drive Bridge.  This project will take about 9 months to complete.  We are hopeful that it will be finished in time for the summer of 2016.
As always, please let us know if we can be of assistance to you.  And if you are in Duck, stop by to say hello.